6 minutes of studying, note taking and underlining

What you will learn

Provide you with a demonstration of… focused study

Provide you with a demonstration of… staying on task

Provide you with a demonstration of… having a decluttered desk space

Provide you with a demonstration of… cleaning the area as we go


in this course the focus will be on demonstrating for you and partnering up with you as you play this video of putting the phone away and out of sight, having a clean decluttered environment and trying to stay at the task in a focused manner, the setting for most of the video sessions will be in a quiet study area of the library; however, you will be given suggestions throughout the course such as cleaning as you go.  I would read a paper and then when that paper was dealt with, I would put it away in my bag.   I also demonstrate the use of headphones which can signal to others that you are in focused mode.  This course can be used to help boost your productivity and get started and stay on task as I found myself working more diligently when others around me were also focused and working. I remember how much it benefits me to be in a quiet space where others are also with the same intention of being focused and studying.  I like the space in this environment because there were also signs that were indicating that cell phone usage if it was to be used should be done outside this space.

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Round 1 without our phone, phone off study session for 6 minutes
Round 2 without phone, study and note taking session
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5