Graphing functions, Solving Equations, Operations on Fractions / Mixed Numbers, and Solving Linear Systems of Equations.

What you will learn

Perform operations on fractions and mixed numbers

Graph the functions that you would use in College Algebra

Zoom your viewing window

Solving linear systems of equations

Perform matrix operations

Solve equations

Build a t-chart and evaluate functions


This course is meant to give the learner a solid foundation in the HP Prime for success in either an Intermediate or College Algebra course.  Graphing calculators have reduced the difficulty of College Algebra by perhaps 50% from the “Dark Ages” of taking College Algebra!

This course covers fractions/mixed numbers, graphing, solving equations, solving systems of equations, zooming, t-charts, and evaluating functions.  In this course, we cover the HP Prime Graphing Calculator.  This is considered a CAS calculator.  What does this mean?  It can do almost everything in an algebra course.  It is often forbidden when you take an algebra course…but not always!

Do not go buy an HP Prime after watching these videos for your algebra course.  You would want to make sure that you are allowed to use it prior to the purchase!  I have tried to focus on just the topics that would provide the same functionality as you would find with a non-CAS calculator like a TI-84.

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Technology has become an important component of mathematics.  Even if you are in a class that does not allow an HP Prime calculator, you can use it to double-check your work by hand.

This course covers just the important parts (and the parts that are typically allowed) of the HP Prime calculator for usage in College Algebra.  There are many other functions that are not covered.  If you decide to take the course, good luck with it and the future algebra course that you are planning on taking!




What is CAS?

Fractions on the HP-Prime

Changing from Decimal Form to Fraction Form
Simplifying or Reducing a Fraction
Adding Fractions
Subtracting Fractions
Multiplying Fractions
Dividing Fractions
Changing from Improper Fraction Form to Mixed Number Form
Changing from Mixed Number Format to Improper Fraction Format
Adding Mixed Numbers
Subtracting Mixed Numbers
Multiplying Mixed Numbers
Dividing Mixed Numbers
Mixed Numbers

Graphing using the HP Prime

Basics of Graphing on HP Prime
Graphing Y = X
Graphing Y = X^2
Graphing Y = X^3
Graphing Y = X^(1/2)
Graphing Y = SQRT(X)
Graphing Y = CUBERT(X)
Graphing Y = 4THROOT(X) (the 4th root of x)
Graphing Y = ABS(X)
How to Graph a Rational Function
How to Handles Negatives and Minuses in a Graphing Problem
Graphing Example 1
Graphing Example 2
How to Fix Graph Mode on an HP Prime Calculator
Graphing Quiz

Zooming in Graph View for the HP Prime

How to Zoom the Graph Viewing Window

Solving Linear Systems of Equation on the HP Prime

Solving a Linear System of Equations Using Linear Solver App
Solving a Linear System of Equations Using RREF
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Comparison of Linear Solver App and RREF
Solving Linear Systems of Equations

Matrix Operations on the HP Prime

Performing Matrix Operations on the HP Prime

Solving Equations

Solving Equations (and finding zeros) on the HP Prime
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5
Solving Equations

Functions and the HP Prime

Building a t-Chart
Evaluating a Function for a Number

Wrap Up

Summary and Well Wishes