Learn Swiss German Language to confidently tackle common situations in Switzerland

What you will learn

Feeling confident in handling common situations in Swiss German

Saying Hello & Goodbye

Introducing yourself

Counting / Numbers

Navigating the supermarket

Ordering at a Restaurant

Taking Public Transportation

Asking for directions

Describing the weather


About this Course

This introductory course to Swiss German is aimed at beginners who want to feel equipped in handling common situations in Switzerland. Whether you are a professional planning to work in Switzerland, an individual who is living in Switzerland, or simply someone who decided to pick up a few words of Swiss German – this course is for you.

The course is structured to be as simple as possible. Each lesson assumes a specific situation you may encounter during your stay in Switzerland and will teach you how to navigate the respective situation. Instead of focusing on a long list of vocabulary or grammar, we will learn phrases and words that are helpful and make you feel equipped to start engaging in daily life using Swiss German.

Ensure to follow this course sequentially. As the content is built up on each other, later lessons may utilize words we learn in an earlier lesson.

What is Swiss German

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Swiss German, known as “SchwizerdΓΌtsch”, is spoken by 65-70% of Swiss people in their everyday lives. It differs from High German – the Standard German spoken in Germany. One notable characteristic of Swiss German is its pronunciation which features unique sounds and intonations. Due to its informal nature and cultural significance, Swiss German is an important part of Swiss identity and is used extensively in everyday conversations, including in families, social interactions, and informal writing.

Overall, Swiss German is a rich and diverse group of dialects spoken by the Swiss population, contributing to the cultural distinctiveness of Switzerland and playing a significant role in daily communication among its speakers.

Before you start

While this course is intended to provide you with helpful and relevant knowledge to speak Swiss German – practise is what makes all the difference. To get the most out of this course ensure to practise the lessons you’ll learn. Listen, Practise and Repeat.



Introduction to Swiss German

Introduction to Swiss German

Greetings & Numbers

Hello & Goodbye
Introductions & Counting

Handling Daily Situations

Navigating the Supermarket
Ordering at the Restaurant
Taking Public Transportation

Practising Smalltalk

Asking for Directions
Describing the Weather

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