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From the basics to a successful career of travel writing.

What you will learn

How to start a side hustle or a fulltime career as a travel writer.

How to be a digital nomad.

How to improve their writing.


This course will take you from beginner writer to a career as a travel writer or digital nomad.    There are many assignments and quizzes to help you to solidify your knowledge.

I have been a travel writer for over 30 years now and I have interviewed other travel writers for this class.    Learn from the pros and change your life to a life of adventure for money! There are no requirements to taking this course, just a willingness to learn.

The Topics Covered:  Editing and Pitching, how to approach editors, improving your creativity, ending procrastination, photography, how to conduct yourself as a travel writer, media and press trips, about starting local and starting small, the mistakes that travel writers make and how to avoid them, how to take notes, what to do with them and how to avoid misunderstandings, and the opinions of various professional writers including: Melinda Joe, Joan D. Bailey, and Steve Gillick.

How will you benefit from this course:

-you will be able to go from novice to a career in travel writing or being a digital nomad.

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-you will improve your writing

-you will end procrastination

-you will improve your creativity

-you will discover a whole world of travel and excitement after completing this course.




What you will learn in this Course
A little information about the teacher, Kevin R Burns
First Steps – Getting Started towards becoming a Travel Writer
Lecture 3 – How to Write for Travel Publications

Assignment 1


Quiz – Important First Steps to Becoming a Successful Travel Writer

How to Improve your Writing

How to Improve your Writing

How to Improve your Writing – Quiz

How to Improve your Writing

Lecture 4 – Advice for how to benefit from this course


Preparation, What the Pros do, Niches, Melinda Joe, Steve Gillick

Preparing and Choosing your Niche
How to Become a Travel Writer

What do you love to write about?

Warning! A Reality Check & Willpower

A Reality Check

Criticism, Creativity, Sensitivity, and Photography

Criticism, Creativity, Sensitivity and Photography

Writing in a Cafe

More Photography, Breaking into Magazines, Finding Contacts, & Perfect Pitch

Photography, Magazines, Contacts and Pitches
Final Test

More on the Travel Writing Profession and Procrastination

Know the Industry and Fighting Procrastination