Create Websites without Coding using Free Wix Drag-and-drop Website Builder and Get a Free Domain & Hosting Forever

What you will learn

Fundamentals of Building a website with drage and drop platforms

Choosing a Website template for your Business using Wix

Creating and Editing a Wix website from scratch

Creating and Editing Blog posts

Extra: Editing the Mobile version of your Wix website

Extra: How to extend a domain name subscription


When I first thought of getting online back in 2010, I was limited by; first, not knowing how much it really cost to get an online business set up, and second not knowing how to navigate the various website builders that I came across.

When I discovered Wix and how you can launch your online business for as low as $4.50 per month. We are going to talk about Wix, you should know Wix by now. It’s a *Free website builder that gives you the freedom to design your website however you want it by using their powerful drag and drop editor.

Getting your business online doesn’t have to be a difficult task, if you follow along in this video you will be able to launch your online business no matter what you sell and no matter your target audience or customer in less than 1 hour.

Getting your business online using (especially using the Wix Platform) gives you many benefits including;-

Being able to sell 24/7 (Online shops do not close).

Having a Google business listing connected to your site so people can find you in search.

Get Instant Notification of New Courses on our Telegram channel.

Using Gmail for online support and to communicate with your customers.

Getting a new customer base using various marketing and retargeting tags, and methods.

Using social media marketing to reach more people right from your Wix dashboard

Using social networks to expand your business in new areas

Use Facebook advertising and Google ads to reach the right people at the right time



Designing a No Code Website with Wix Drag and Drop Builder

Choosing a Wix Platform for Your Website (Wix and Editor X)
Explore Free Wix Website Templates for Your Online Business
Intro to Wix Website Editor Fundamental Website Building Blocks
Adding Elements to Your Free Website using Wix Free Drag and Drop Builder
Creating and Managing Drop-down Menus using Wix Drag and Drop Editor
Adding Your Custom Fonts and Colors to Your Wix Website
Intro to The Wix App Marketplace in The Wix Website Editor
Upload Photos to your Website using a an External Link from the Internet
Get High Quality Photos and Videos with Media from Wix and Unsplash.
How to Replace Photos and Videos in Your Wix Website Template using Site Files
Changing Strip Colors and Basic Text Editing
Wix Blog – How to Add Blog Pages to Your Wix Website
How to Create, Edit, and Publish Blog Posts for Your Wix Website
What to Take Away from this Course – What we Learned

Additional Content

How to Extend or Renew Your Domain Name using The Wix Dashboard
How to Edit the Mobile Version of Your Wix Website