Learn the basics of new language! Create fast, safe and interactive apps with no programming experience!

What you will learn

The Swift syntax

Basic programming techniques and constructions

Key elements of the language

Work in Xcode

Build your first application using Swift

Why take this course?


Fast, safe and interactive programming – this is new language from Apple!

Swift is very friendly to people who have no prior experience with programming.

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The new language is much simpler than Objective-C and it’s recommended for novice developers due to the simplified structure of the code, the possibility of making corrections on graphic charts and testing projects in the real time.

Applications developed using the Swift are faster, safer and code is much more clear.

We will walk you through everything you need to start making apps in Swift. You will learn the swift syntax, basic programming techniques and constructions. You will discover key elements of the new language.

But… to learn to code – you have to code… And because of that after theoretical part using Xcode environment you will create from scratch a fully-featured application. In this way, beginners an easy way to learn to programming on the latest mobile devices from Apple