Understand genre, what it is for and how to use it, so you readers will both find, buy and love your book.

What you will learn

How authors and publishers use genre to reach readers

How authors use genre creatively, to enrich the experience for readers

Why take this course?

There’s a lot more overlap between creating a great story and marketing a book to readers and publishers than most book creators are prepared to admit.

Genre is probably the single biggest factor in satisfying two critical requirements of a successful book:

  1. That the readers who are going to love the book can find out it exists
  2. That the readers’ expectations are met, in a way that makes them want to come back for more.

This short course will teach you the two primary reasons why genre exist, and by giving you access to the underlying principles, enable you to leverage not just the idea of genre, but also some of the most important principles in generating quick and effective reader satisfaction.

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One of these lessons is an outline of how to teach yourself what you absolutely have to know about the genre of your own work – not just how to describe it correctly, but how to describe it for readers, agents and publishers, to be sure you reach your audience as quickly as possible.

In this course, I’m using a mixture of knowledge and experience about sales and marketing that I’ve accumulated during my career as a writing coach, and linking it to the creative process.

This course is free because IΒ think it’s a great complement to any of my other courses.

So whatever reason you have for telling stories, whatever reason you have to become an author, to write fiction; whether you want to self-publish your novel or you want to find an agent or publisher, this course will help you not only to sell it, but to conceive and write your book.