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Agile Planning and OKRs: Transforming Your Project Outcomes
Building customer-centric products on time and within budget

What you will learn

Agile Foundations: Grasp the core principles of Agile planning and differentiate it from traditional planning approaches

Outcome Orientation: Comprehend the essentials of outcome-based planning, ensuring team flexibility without losing sight of key objectives

Strategic Flexibility: Learn techniques to maintain a laser-focused strategy while giving teams the autonomy they need to innovate

Planning Layers: Understand the multiple stages of Agile planning, from the product vision and roadmap to sprint planning

Hands-On Practice: Engage in practical exercises to internalize the different stages of planning and ensure their applicability in real-world scenarios

OKRs Unveiled: Delve into the concept of Objectives and Key Results, understanding their purpose, structure, and significance in Agile planning

Crafting OKRs: Acquire the skills to effectively create OKRs that align with business outcomes and inspire teams towards achievement

Integration Mastery: Learn how to integrate OKRs within the Agile planning process, ensuring alignment from high-level objectives to daily tasks

Efficiency and Efficacy: Master strategies to ensure projects remain under budget and ahead of schedule without compromising on quality or scope

Continuous Improvement: Embrace an iterative approach to planning, ensuring constant refinement and alignment with evolving business needs


The Challenge: Are your projects consistently overshooting budgets and deadlines? Despite meticulous planning and dedicated teams, does it feel like you’re always playing catch-up and falling short of objectives?

The Vision: Picture this – A future where not only do you hit your project goals, but you exceed them. Imagine delighting customers, surpassing business outcomes, all while staying under budget and ahead of schedule. It’s a future where flexibility doesn’t compromise focus, and every plan is nimble yet targeted.

The Solution: Welcome to “Agile Planning and OKRs” – a course specially designed for forward-thinkers like you. Curated by Masha Ostroumova, an experienced enterprise Agile coach and the visionary behind several Agile transformations, this course aims to pivot your planning paradigm:

1. Agile vs. Traditional: Dive deep into the ethos of Agile planning. Discover what sets it apart and why it’s a game-changer.

2. Outcome-Based Planning: Master the art of granting teams the freedom to innovate while keeping them aligned to core objectives. It’s about maximizing outcomes without sacrificing direction.

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3. Planning, Layer by Layer: Delve into the nuances of each planning stage. With hands-on exercises, practice and internalize these stages to ensure their real-world applicability.

4. Enter OKRs: Unravel the magic of Objectives and Key Results. By the end of this course, you won’t just understand OKRs; you’ll be adept at crafting them to perfection.

If you’re passionate about evolving your planning prowess and ensuring every project is a resounding success, this course is your roadmap. Equip yourself with insights and tools that transform challenges into milestones.

Join me, and let’s redefine the future of planning together!



Introduction to Agile Planning

Introduction to this course
What’s wrong with traditional planning
Outputs, outcomes, team health
Concept of Agile Planning
Section 1 quiz

Understanding layers of “planning onion”

Setting up vision
ACTIVITY – set your team’s vision
Building roadmap
ACTIVITY: build your roadmap
Concept of OKRs
Section 2 quiz

OKRs deep dive

OKRs vs. KPIs
How to set up objectives
ACTIVITY: creating objectives for a product
How to set up key results
ACTIVITY: defining key results
Section 3 quiz

Managing backlog

Converting OKRs to backlog
Epics and user stories
Backlog prioritization
Planning events
Daily planning
Section 4 quiz