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The nitty gritty of technical marketing and influencing the mind to make a purchase for your benefit

What you will learn

Learn how brands can influence buying behavior

Understand the mind of the consumer

Increase your sales by understanding the brain

Better conversions on your marketingcampaigns by applying the neuromarketing rules


Welcome to our course on Neuromarketing!

Did you know that images can provoke a sensation of sound?
Or that they can boost your appetite?

Are you interested in learning how the latest neuroscience research can be applied to marketing and advertising? Neuromarketing is a field that uses brain imaging and other neuroscience techniques to better understand consumer behavior and create more effective marketing strategies.

In this course, we’ll cover everything from the basics of neuroscience and the history of neuromarketing to advanced techniques for measuring perception, attention, memory, and emotions. We’ll explore how neuromarketing can be used in branding, advertising, product design, pricing, sales, e-commerce, social media, and more.

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We’ll also examine the ethical considerations and potential controversies surrounding neuromarketing, as well as future trends and innovations in the field.

It goes without saying that the brain is an immensely complex organ.

As professor Jeff Lichtman from Harvard once said: “If everything you need to know about the brain is a mile, we’ve walked about three inches.”

Whether you’re a marketer, business owner, or just curious about the science behind consumer behavior, this course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to neuromarketing. So let’s get started and dive into the fascinating world of brain science and marketing!




An introduction to neuromarketing
An overview of neuromarketing
Basic neuroscience concepts
Neuroimaging techniques for neuromarketing
Emotional and cognitive processes in neuromarketing
Neuropsychology of consumer behavior
Perception and attention in neuromarketing
Memory and learning in neuromarketing
Neuromarketing and branding
Loss aversion