… with a special focus to the radicals

What you will learn

Learn the pictures in the components of the Japanese characters (kanji)

Get a memory phrase (mnemonic) for each kanji character

It’s fun to understand about the background of the kanji charachters

You learn about the radicals and thereby about the similarities and differences of the different characters, which helps in memorizing.


You learn to recognize the images, backgrounds and stories hidden in the Kanji, the Japanese image characters. Many examples are given. And for each character you get a mnemonic phrase.

An emphasis is put on the radicals (= recurring components). For this purpose, different radicals are introduced, followed by the characters that use these radicals. With this approach you can memorize the characters much better. Because ‘learning’ is after all the connection of the known with the new. (A special feature is that we have not only, as usual, one defined radical per character, but all characters that are recurring in several will be called a radical).

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Of course, these videos cannot substitute your own learning. But especially for western people it is extremely tedious to remember the single strokes of the characters. By explaining the background and the mnemonic sentences, the characters are “brought to life”, which makes long-term learning easier. So we recommend that you watch the videos at least two or three times.

The presentation is done with the help of the cell phone app “Kanji-Trainer”, where the characters are drawn on a screen with your finger. In this way, you also learn the correct stroke order. The course also uses lists in which the characters are selected according to the radicals.



Learn Japanese Kanji Characters with Mnemonic Phrases

The different variants of the radical for “Hand”
The radical for “vertical”
Various Kanji of the Levels Joyo 1 and 2
The characters for “arrow” and “to lose”
Short Video about the character for: copper 銅