The way to keep organized about important notes, dates and events (English & Punjabi)

What you will learn

Create a monthly calendar page to track events and important deadlines

Create an index to easily find your important collections

Create a daily notes section to track your to-do list for the day

Create a future log to note important tasks for the future


This bullet journaling course is divided into two sections with the first section done in English and the second is in Punjabi.

The course aims at helping you develop the skills of bullet journaling where by I will go into how to get any notebook and use the bullet journaling method by starting with numbering the pages at the bottom.

I will go into how to setup the monthly calendar so that you can note important deadlines, bills to pay, appointments and log and track events that occur throughout the month.

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Next, I will go into how to set up and index collections so that you can keep track of notes you are taking on different subjects and find them easily.  Additionally, I will go into how to do the daily notes section and describe the legend and key system for daily to do, completed items, events, delegated tasks and also how to create your own keys and add them to the legend.

In addition, I will share how to log tasks for the future in the future log.

Lastly, I will share the benefits I have received from using this system and wish you the best in your journey in getting organized.




What are Monthly Pages?
Monthly : Practice
What are collections?
Daily pages (English)
Making collections practice (English)

Bullet Journaling (Punjabi Edition)

Monthly Pages (Punjabi)
What are collections? (Punjabi)
Daily pages (Punjabi)
Making collections practice (Punjabi)