This course is a very practical take at learning negotiation

What you will learn

The learner would be able to develop a good understanding of Negotiation

The learner would know the practical details of Negotiation techniques

The learner would be able to apply some of the concepts in real life

The learner would be able to know the concepts that influence a negotiation


Negotiation is a skill that finds its application in all the functions of business and life. There have been times when people have got themselves confused with negotiation and bargaining. Both are fundamentally the same, but their usage is different. Negotiation is normally when we deal with multiple aspects of a deal, whereas bargaining is normally haggling over one issue.

Negotiation is used in the function of finance, operations, marketing, and human resources in a business or maybe in socially relevant scenarios, such as marriage or divorce or maybe sharing an apartment, participating in a game of football, getting entry into the selected team of the school or even getting something from your sibling or family. Negotiation also plays a key role in diplomatic liaisons and cross-border interests. Negotiation also plays a key role in understanding the power, interest, and priority of someone.

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However, Negotiation doesn’t mean getting something at the disadvantage of others, rather it means getting the most with mutual benefit and convenience. Over a huge length of period and with multiple types of students, I have developed a course on negotiation. This course is a very brief course, a detailed version could be done with me.

The session on Negotiation is a practical learning course, which prepares the participant to understand the concepts and the usage of the concepts of Negotiation. The participants would get hands-on tools to apply in their routine to create a difference in their work/function.



Part 1

The Human Touch
Check your understanding of The Human Touch
Market Watches
Check your understanding of Market Watches

Part 2

Practise it !!!
Check your understanding of Practise it !!!
Information Asymmetry
Check your understanding of Information Asymmetry

Part 3 – Negotiation lessons from real life

Lessons of Negotiation during Lockdown (A Study of Selected Indian Entrepreneurs