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A Freelance Consulting Career Can Be Yours – Take the First Step Today In Your Consulting Career

What you will learn

Freelance Consulting

How to Enter the Freelance Consulting Industry

How to Position Yourself for Long-term Success in Freelance Consulting

How to Create Value and Charge High Fees


Freelance Consulting – The 1-Hour Course for Beginners
A Freelance Consulting Career Can Be Yours – Take the First Step Today In Your consulting Career

Please Note: The is a 1-hour Beginner’s course on Freelance consulting. This is not designed to be a comprehensive course to guide your career through every aspect of Freelance Consulting!

This course is meant to give strategic guidance to beginners looking to enter the field of Freelance Consulting.

This course covers the following aspects of Freelance Consulting:


*Creating Value

*Avoiding the platform ghettos

*Asking for Money

*Promotion and content creation

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*Creating Your own Benefits Package

You may be seeking a new career in freelance consulting by choice, or due to recent layoffs or downsizing. Regardless, you can become successful, especially if your first few steps are taken in the right direction. This course is designed to help you make those first positive steps

If you are in the beginning stages of planning your freelance consulting career, then this is the course for you. Please start now.

Instructor TJ Walker is a successful freelance consultant with more than 30 years of consulting experience. He guides students through the most important foundational issues and questions that must be resolved before beginning a career in freelance consulting.


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You Can Become a Success in Freelance Consulting

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Become a World Class Expert

You Are Really In the Marketing Business

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Conclusion to Freelance Consulting Course

When To Start Freelance Consulting
Conclusion to The Freelance Consulting Course