Be confident in conversations with co-packers, distributors and retailers

What you will learn

Understand the acronyms used in the food industry

Increase your confidence in conversations

Avoid risks and negative outcomes by understanding the language of the industry

Be a reliable partner to co-packers, distributors and retailers


When we started work in the food industry, it frequently felt like we were missing half the conversation.

Acronyms and abbreviations were commonly used, and we had no idea what they meant or if they were important to us. We resorted to running out of the room to check in with google on our phones just to be able to follow the conversation. Frequently we felt we were making decisions without knowing exactly what we were talking about and more than once we ended up in situations that cost us money that way.

Learn from our mistakes!

What You’ll Learn

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The 43 most commonly used acronyms and abbreviations in the food and drinks industry
  • The origin, purpose, and meaning of each acronym
  • How to use each acronym in a sentence
  • The context of each acronym in decision-making processes

Why You Should Take This Course

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Learning the acronyms used in the food and drinks industry will give you the following benefits:

  • Boost your confidence when participating in conversations
  • Makes it easier to make decisions based on facts instead of guesses
  • Helps you to stay in the loop on industry trends
  • Gives you a head start in the food and drinks industry
  • Builds your credibility in the industry

Why is this course free?

Because we want to give back to the food and drinks industry and help other entrepreneurs.

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