Decide between IFC and CSC

What you will learn

Students will learn about pre requisites for jobs in Bank and Finance in Canada

The 2 alternative courses CSC and IFC

Overview of CSC and IFC

Best learning approach for Prep Courses


The tutorial guides which one to choose between IFCย and CSC and the implications.
This tutorial has short lectures on

  1. Ambitions of people

Everyone has a career ambition or some financial goals. In this lecture, you will find different types of people expressing their desires.
Fortunately, there is a single certification course that will entitle you for a job or that can help you in accomplishing your financial goals

  1. Choice between IFC and CSC

There are 2 choices for the certificate courses and you need to choose one that suits you best. You will get an overview of these 2 entry gateways that will help you to decide.

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  1. Learning approaches
    There are many ways to learn IFC and CSC. You will get a clear picture of the options available to decide on one of them, depending on how soon you like to get ready and how much you can afford.
  2. Self-learning

This section guides you how you can do a self-learning, at a low cost and at your own pace of learning

5. What Next?

In this part of the lecture, you will see the summarized and recommended Action plan for a career in Bank or for your Financial Planning.
The students will also be guided to the best option to start the learning and preparing for a career in Canada




Shape your future
Why choose a job ready course?

Ambitions of people


Differences between IFC and CSC

Choice between IFC and CSC

Learning Approaches and Self Learning

Learning approaches and self learning