Learn how to take total control of your finances!

What you will learn

Learn how to budget using the YNAB Method

Learn how to plan for unexpected expenses

Learn how to adapt your money plan as circumstances and priorities change

Learn how to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle

Learn the difference between forecasting and budgeting


This course will teach you the Four Rules which make up the basis of the YNAB Method, a framework for handling money that has helped hundreds of thousands of people take control of their money, pay off debt, and live the life they want. The Four Rules are:

  • Rule One:Β Give Every Dollar a Job
  • Rule Two: Embrace Your True Expenses
  • Rule Three:Β Roll with the Punches
  • Rule Four:Β Age Your Money

These Four Rules will help you transform your relationship with money. You’ll learn how to prioritize your spending and saving, prepare for unpredictable non-monthly expenses, change your plan when your circumstances or priorities change, and increase the amount of time between earning and spending so you can have more breathing room and space for better decisions.

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The Four Rules is the basis for the money management method behind the YNAB budgeting software. Thousands have used this software and this method to transform their money mindset. But you can apply these principles anywhere!

This course also covers other personal finance topics such as:

  • The difference between forecasting future income and budgeting money you have right now.
  • How to determine what is most important to you when it comes to spending and saving money.
  • How to challenge your assumptions about money.
  • How to live with fewer money emergencies.
  • How to remove guilt from your spending and make changes to your plan when your priorities change.


Intro: Four Rules for Less Money Stress

Four Rules for Less Money Stress

The Most Stressful Question in the World

Can I Afford This?
You Need a Budget

The Four Rules

Four Rules to help you answer the question “Can I afford this?”
We’re Not Going to Tell You What to Do with Your Money

Forecasting vs Budgeting

Forecasting and Budgeting Are Not the Same Thing
A Trip Analogy

Rule One: Give Every Dollar a Job

Determining Jobs
Challenge Every Assumption

Rule Two: Embrace Your True Expenses

There are Two Types of True Expenses
How Dollars Get Older
Fewer Emergencies
Does This Move Me Closer to My Goals?

Rule Three: Roll with the Punches

Your Budget is Based on Your Values
Am I Cheating When I Change My Budget?
Gut Check: Do You Find Yourself Always Overspending?
Rules One and Two Make Rule Three Possible

Rule Four: Age Your Money

Older Money Gives You More Security
Understanding the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle
How to Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle
The Short Term Sprint
How Old Should Your Money Be?


It’s All Rule One
You Already Have a Way of Managing Your Money