Overcoming Challenges, Appreciating Beauty, and Growing as a person

What you will learn

Master the art of Creating Adventure in your life

Learn how to Face Battles head on

Integrate Growth into every experience of Life

Find Beauty in every moment of every day


In this course, we will be providing you with high quality content and tools to transform your life into an Adventure!

Life was not meant to be mundane or boring. Life was meant to be played full out. It was meant to be meaningful and fun.

This is what the Academy for Adventurer’s is all about. Making Life into a full-blown Adventure!

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I know that every life is unique. You have your own unique talents and gifts. You also have your unique challenges and obstacles. Your definition of adventure, battle, growth and beauty will also be unique to you. However there is one thing we can be certain of: we all desire to have these elements integrated into our lives.

The main goal for you in this course is to achieve transformation. The Information and content is great and we provided homework, tools and resources, but your transformation is so much better. Application will be the key to that transformation. With a little bit of discipline and a little bit of dedication, I know that you will gain a ton of value from this course. You will grow as a person and you will be better able to perform in all aspects of your life. You will be a better leader and you will be able to serve the people around you much better.




Welcome to AFA
How the Course Works

The Four Pillars

The Four Pillars


What is Adventure?
Why Adventure Matters


What is Battle?


What is Growth?


What is Beauty?


See you soon!

Warrior Webinar

Warrior Webinar