Training Videos on Sol Sessions with A Sound Sol (Pt.1-4)

What you will learn

How to access your schedule & pay

How to fill out onboarding contracts

What I need to be prepared for A Sound Sol Sessions

How to facilitate SEL Activities alongside Sound Healing Bowls

A Sound Sol’s 5 Elements of Peaceful Problem Solving


You’ve reached the training videos! Welcome to SolMates!

I am really excited to expand A Sound Sol by Orkoorganics LLC this year. Abundance is floating everywhere. Now that I am officially on a different time zone, things will be different with contact and you will always have my number. Anyone after the first group will be redirected to my business number and common business hours. The scheduling app will things smooth. Each video is fairly short, we will get into what its like moving through a meditative flow with all ages, some light pointers in that class management area. Then, we will get into the supplies you may need and app information to carry out gig requests. You will always receive at least a week’s notice and gigs are first for availability. If your availability is not accurate on the app, I will not be able to book and request dates from you so please enter all information correctly. I will send money via Zelle if for some reason pay out schedule is delayed. Lastly, we are a start up and just getting off the ground last year so things are moving steadily but surely. Thank you for your patience in advance! I hope you enjoy and be gentle.

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