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What you will learn

Clustering and Segmentation

Similarity Analysis

Unsupervised Machine Learning

Linear Regression

Lag Analysis


Dive deep into the captivating world of marketing analytics with our comprehensive course! Unlock the mysteries of customer behavior with cutting-edge clustering and segmentation, craft the perfect persona using similarity analysis, and journey through time with cohort insights. Harness the power of linear regression to master marketing strategies and decode the nuances of ad impact with our segments on lag and decay. This is more than just a course; it’s your gateway to becoming a marketing maestro. Are you ready to transform data into actionable insights? Join us and revolutionize your marketing game!

Clustering and Segmentation

  • Dive into customer segmentation, learning the art of grouping individuals based on shared attributes.
  • Explore unsupervised segmentation techniques, primarily using the K-Means clustering algorithm.
  • Visualize customer clusters and reduce data complexity through dimension-reduction techniques, including PCA plots.
  • Determine the optimal number of clusters using the Elbow Method and Silhouette Analysis.

Similarity Analysis (Persona Building)

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  • Grasp the concept of building the ideal customer profile using similarity analysis.
  • Preprocess and scale dataset features for uniformity.
  • Focus on “seeds” as representations of ideal customers and learn how to propagate these seeds to identify similar prospects.
  • Employ Euclidean distance to measure similarity and pinpoint top prospects for targeted outreach.

Cohort Analysis

  • Delve into cohort analysis, understanding its significance in marketing.
  • Craft columns to represent invoice dates and cohorts, aiding in customer grouping based on their first purchase month.
  • Construct pivot tables to showcase customer retention across different cohorts over time.
  • Visualize cohort retention rates using heatmaps for a clearer depiction of customer behavior.

Marketing Strategy (Linear Regression)

  • Begin with an introduction to marketing strategy analysis.
  • Load and inspect datasets using pandas, understanding their structure.
  • Emphasize feature engineering, creating new data attributes.
  • Engage in Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), visualizing data distributions and the impact of marketing strategies on sales using seaborn.
  • Delve into correlation and regression analyses with the statsmodels library.

Marketing Lag and Decay

  • Dive into the “Erosion Effect” in marketing, understanding how advertising impact decays over time.
  • Learn to account for this effect by introducing lags to the data, and observing changing correlations.
  • Explore the synergy impact analysis, discerning how marketing channels interact and enhance each other’s effects.
  • Determine marketing thresholds and budget optimizations using decision tree regressors and Scipy.



Introduction to the Course

Segmentation and Clustering

Intro to Segmentation and Clustering
Exploration of Data for Segmentation and Clustering
Rule Based Segmentation
Analyzing Segments
Clustering Kmeans Algorithm
Visualizing Clusters and PCA
Clustering Insights and Personas
Elbow and Silhouette Method for Clustering

Ideal Customer Profile

Intro to Similarity Analysis
ICP Dataset
Scaling Data
Customer Seed and Prospecting
Prospecting and Manual Seed Creation

Cohort Analysis

Cohort Analysis Part 1
Cohort Analysis Part 2

Marketing Strategy with Linear Regression

Marketing Strategy Intro
Exploratory Data Analysis
Correlation of Features
Linear Regression
Channels ROI

Marketing Lag Analysis and Erosion

Exploring the Data
Creating Lag Variables
Measuring Advertising Decay
Marketing Channel Synergy