A mini-course on how Ecommerce stores create Google Ads for their business, and how to make it work for you.

What you will learn

What are Paid Ads and how they affect your bottom line

How Search Engines and Paid Ads interact with your business, and how to make money off of it

How to conduct profitability research to better position your products

How to build Search and Shopping ads for your business


This course is for those who want to learn how Google Ads works, and how to make it work for their Ecommerce store. Google Ads will enable a business to generate traffic immediately, but it must be done properly to be profitable. Find out how to build profitable ads in this course.

The Class

The internet opened a lot of doors, but mostly it opened the door for people to work for themselves. No bosses, no schedules.

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This class is an individual section of my much larger masterclass: Beginner’s Shopify: Fundamentals of eCommerce Masterclass. After completion of this class, I recommend taking some other sections a-la-carte, or taking the entire masterclass (see my instructor profile for more details).

This is a crash course on Paid Ads. This class will teach you the following:

  • Why are margins important?
  • How to create Search Ads in Google
  • Shopping/Performance Max campaigns in Google
  • How do I conduct keyword research?

Learn how solo entrepreneurs, dropshippers, and product owners turn ideas into lucrative careers (and how you can too). After you take this class, you will have a general understanding of how ecommerce works and what direction to go next. This course was designed with the aspiring ecommerce entrepreneur in mind. If you’re new to the digital world and you’re looking to understand the industry at a high level, this is the course for you.



Google Ads

Search Ads for Google
Shopping/Performance Max
Three Levers
Bonus Lecture