Essential knowldge for day-to-day Git usage

What you will learn

What is Git

Use Git to keep track of changes

Making changes in parallel

Sharing changes with peers


Are you tired of losing track of your code changes or collaborating on projects that result in messy conflicts? Welcome to “Git Basic” where you’ll embark on a journey to become a confident Git user and collaborator. Whether you’re a solo developer or part of a team, understanding version control is essential for maintaining clean, organized, and efficient coding practices.

In this comprehensive introductory course, you’ll dive into the world of Git, the industry-standard distributed version control system. With step-by-step tutorials and hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to track changes, collaborate seamlessly, and manage your projects with confidence.

This course will teach you the daily basic knowledge you need to start working with Git.
It provides all the essential information you need and is meant to kick-start your version control system experience.

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In a very short time you will be able to set up a repository, start making changes and keeping all of your data properly versioned in a systematic and clean way.

No prior knowledge is required as this course guides you through everything starting with installation and setup.
Basic knowledge of how to work with a terminal/command prompt is helpful and general knowledge of Linux helps as well though you can follow this course on Windows.




Who am I
What is Git
Installing & Initializing Git


Making Changes

Extra Material

Remove Branches
Advanced History Information
Going Back A Commit
Adding Changes To A Commit
Force Pushing
A Word On Remotes
Commit Messages


What’s next