Unlock the power of role-plays to build your English speaking confidence

What you will learn

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After teaching more than 10,000 English lessons, I developed my own, fun role-play system to help you learn English, quickly and easily.

In each lesson in this course, you and your study partner will go through a series of speed drills and exercises, so you can easily memorize: 6 new vocabulary words… 6-8 essential phrases in each social situation… You’ll use your imagination in: 2 friendly role plays…. And you’ll get correction on: Native pronunciation, and 1 common mistake, so you don’t look silly.

We’ll cover common social situation, such as: 1. Shopping, 2. Picking out a restaurant, 3. Catching your plane, 4. Ordering lunch and dinner, 5. Running into friends, 6. And making a date.

Each lesson also comes with a down-loadable transcript and lesson notes, so it’s easy to follow along and review each video.