An Introduction and exploration of an evolving genre

What you will learn

Students will be able to understand the concept of Afrofuturism

Students will be able to explain Afrofuturism beyond the current accepted definition

Students will be able to describe the origins and history of Afrofuturism

Students will be able to link Afrofuturism to other genre and subgenre

Students will acquire knowledge of an ever evolving cultural and social movement


Embark on an immersive exploration of Afrofuturism through the lens of iconic artists and cinematic masterpieces, like the Wiz. Dive deep into the cosmic realms of Sun Ra, Parliament-Funkadelic and the transformative storytelling of the Wiz. .

In this course you will explore the captivating intersection of African American culture with futuristic themes that reflect the past, present and future of the African diaspora. Afrofuturism combines science fiction, fantasy, and speculative elements with the rich heritage of African AmericanΒ  esotericism, folklore, mysticism and spiritualty.

Dive into the sounds of Afrofuturism through the music of Sun Ra and Parliament-Funkadelic while viewing the futuristic film.Β  By the end of the course you will emerge with a profound appreciation and understanding of Afrofuturism as an ever evolving genre. You will have gained a deeper understanding of Afrofuturism’s impact on film and music, its cultural significance, and its ability to envision new futures while looking back to the past for inspiration.

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I hope you will join us on this journey through the cosmos of creativity and imagination in Afrofuturism.

Make sure to enjoy yourself and have fun immersing yourself in this ever evolving genre that has been a part of the African diaspora since before its arrival in the Americas. Thank you for enrolling in the course,




Concepts, definition and terms
introductory material

Sun Ra and the cultural origins of Afrofuturism

Godfather of Afrofuturism: Sun Ra (film and music). Please view the content

The Parliament-Funkadelic phenomenon

Concert film and documentary

Strange Visitors

No lecture. Please enjoy watching the film, The Space Traders. (see link)

Dystopian landscapes in Afrofuturistic film

please watch the Wiz (see link for film)

Afrofuturism short story

The Narrative of John the Conqueror (story)

Course reflection

optional article