How to effectively communicate with stakeholders by using emotional intelligence, assertiveness, and negotiation skills

What you will learn

Emotional intelligence

Barriers to communication

Planning project communication

How to be assertive

When to say NO!

How to deliver bad news

Conflict management

Negotiation tips

Stakeholder communication strategies

Setting stakeholder expectations


This is part one of a two-part course

In this course, you will learn how to drive results and achieve benefits through clear, open, and honest communication. Gain the skills to detect and resolve inherent conflicts of interest between different stakeholder groups within your project.

Communicating with your stakeholders early and often ensures project success. On the other hand, projects with ineffective communication strategies frequently experience delays and cost overruns or even may never be finished. That is why understanding their underlying motivation, communication style and availability can be beneficial to ensure a smooth sailing project progression that meets the stakeholders’ expectations.

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Communication plays an important role in every job, but it is the primary focus of the project management position. While most project managers don’t get a degree in communication, they used to learn communication tactics by practice, reading books, and following quality courses or training programs. Along this course, you will learn how to be an assertive person, a good negotiator, and a communication strategist.

This Project Communication Strategies course adopts a practical hands-on approach to help you explore the recipe for success when interacting with your project stakeholders. The goal of this course is to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to effectively communicate with your project stakeholders, build trust, and develop a sound communication plan.



Welcome to the Course!

Andrew Bell Introduction

Stakeholder Background

What is a Stakeholder?
Identifying Your Stakeholders
Why Do We Need Stakeholder Management
Stakeholder Background


Communication: A View Point Issue
Communication Styles
Communication on Projects
Leadership Self-assessment
Emotional Intelligence
Barriers to Communication
Planning Project Communication
Using Questions


What is Assertiveness
How to be Assertive
Assertiveness in Action
Saying NO!
Delivering Bad News
Conflict Management

Let’s Review

What are the Problems
Guidelines for Success