Unblock, Balance and Open your 7 Chakras

What you will learn

Learn what Chakras Are

Learn how to Unblock, Balance and Open your Chakras

7 Audio Guided Meditations with Affirmations and Visualization for all 7 Chakras (Free Download)

Learn what foods to eat to balance each Chakra

Learn about Chakras of Matter and Chakras of Spirit

Learn about each Chakra’s role

Learn how certain physical illness and/or pain is related to certain chakras being blocked

Find out if your Chakras are blocked through very specific questions


This course will teach you about each of the seven chakras. To establish if your chakras are blocked, you will be asked specific questions. You will be guided through each chakra to learn how to open, balance, and unblock it. You’ll discover a unique set of affirmations for each chakra to help you heal specific aspects of your life as well as physical ailments.

For each chakra there is a guided meditation, which you can download and listen to whenever you want. Please, do not listen to them while driving or using heavy machinery!!!

You will learn about what foods to eat in order to balance and unblock your chakras.

Chakra Healing pin-points and transforms negative energy into the positive energetic flow we need for health and happiness.

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If our energy becomes negative, stale, and stagnant, it created blockages in the chakras. The energy stops flowing properly. That energy settles into an area in our bodies and it can form disease and illness.

That is why it’s so important to release that energy and we will talk about each chakra, so you can maybe understand if there is a blockage somewhere.

Depending on how deep these blockages are, you may have to repeat the methods a few times until you feel that beautiful, positive energy flowing through you and that is when you will start enjoying all the the balanced Chakra qualities.



What are Chakras?


Chakras of Matter

The Root Chakra
The Sacral Chakra
The Solar Plexus Chakra
The Heart Chakra

Chakras of Spirit

The Throat Chakra
The 3rd Eye Chakra
The Crown Chakra

The End

Continue to Work on Unblocking the 7 Chakras
Bonus Music Meditation – 7 Minutes, Quick and Relaxing