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Follow the Step by Step System and confidently set up your own Limited Liability CIC for your Social Enterprise

What you will learn

Be able to successfully set up a CIC yourself in the UK

Know the most suitable CIC for you to choose

Pass the Community Interest Test

Understand the various types of CIC

Know what forms to complete

Know the information needed for each form

Follow a Step by Step system that works

Learn about Social Enterprises

Submit your application with confidence


Get the step-by-step process of setting up a CIC. Watch me setting up a CIC from scratch and gain the understanding to do the same.

About this event

What You Will Get:

  • Ability to register your CIC yourself.
  • How to compose the “Community Interest Test”
  • Complete the CIC36 Form
  • Complete and tweak the Articles of Association Template
  • Understand the 7 major types of CIC’s
  • Know which is the appropriate one for you
  • Which registration forms to complete
  • How to complete it fast
  • Understand how the CIC differs from other structure
  • And much more!

If you feel your enterprise would benefit from this workshop then register your place on our informative webinar – limited places available.

Webinar Speaker

Boomy Tokan: Grant Consultant

He is currently studying for an MA in Social Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths University and runs the Social Enterprise Network in Thurrock. He has over 20 years of business experience and is an author of 4 business books.

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Over the years Boomy has helped many organizations set up their business structures including charitable organizations.

This workshop is a gift. Generally speaking, setting up a CIC will usually cost between £300 – £700. So take advantage and sign up immediately. Limited FREE Spaces

His organization works with new and established Social Enterprises and Charitable Organisations within the Social Economy.

Since the inception of the company Boomy has created Business Plans, Business Models, and help many of his clients access the much need funding.

“We are passionate about empowering Social Enterprises to have a deeper and larger impact in the communities they serve whilst remaining sustainable and resilient over the long haul” – Boomy Tokan



Begin Here!
What Is A Social Enterprise?
A Real Definition Is?
Legal Forms of CICs
Unincorporated and Incorporated Forms
Benefits of A CIC
Types Of CICs
Type #1 – Schedule 1
Type #2, #3, 4#
Type #5 & #6
Form Follows Function
What Type of CIC to Choose?
What Forms Should I Complete?
Step 1 – Name Search, How To Complete The CIC36 & Articles Plus Preparation
Make Sure Your Name Is Available
Downloading CIC36 and Articles of Association
How To Complete the CIC36
How To Complete The Articles of Association
Online Submission
Step 1 – Locating the Right Page and Starting The Application
Step 2 – Setting Up Your Gateway Account, Co. Name, Guarantors & Co. Reg. Addres
Step 3 – Company Activities
Step 4 – Directors Details, Upload CIC36 and Articles
Step 5 – Final Checks, Payment & Submission