Key Concepts and Techniques in Making Videos with Generative AI

What you will learn

Demonstrate the ability to integrate generative AI tools in the filmmaking process.

Create narratives that leverage AI-generated content to enhance storytelling in videos.

Plan, execute, and manage a complete AI-generated filmmaking project.

Gain hands-on experience with popular AI filmmaking tools and platforms.

Adapt to emerging trends and advancements in AI filmmaking, staying current with industry developments.


Unlock the future of filmmaking through the fusion of creativity and cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies. AI Filmmaking provides a comprehensive exploration of the principles, methods, and applications of generative AI platforms in the world of video content creation.

Course Highlights:

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  • Introduction to AI Fundamentals: Gain a solid understanding of artificial intelligence and its relevance to the filmmaking process. Explore various AI technologies and their potential impact on storytelling.
  • Generative AI Platforms: Dive into the world of generative AI platforms designed specifically for filmmaking. Evaluate and experiment with leading AI models to harness their capabilities in video content generation.
  • Storytelling with AI: Learn how to seamlessly integrate AI tools into storytelling. Develop creative narratives that leverage AI-generated content to enhance the emotional impact and visual appeal of your videos.
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations: Explore the ethical and legal implications of AI in filmmaking. Develop a responsible approach to content creation, addressing issues such as bias, privacy and transparency.
  • Critique and Analysis: Develop a critical eye for AI-generated videos. Analyze both the artistic and technical aspects, providing constructive feedback to peers on their creative decisions.

This course is designed for filmmakers, content creators, and anyone passionate about pushing the boundaries of storytelling through the innovative use of AI. Join us on a journey to discover the limitless possibilities that AI brings to the world of filmmaking. Enroll now and become a pioneer in the future of cinematic creativity!




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Video Intro Music Credit

Example Videos and Prompt Sets

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Private Worlds
Barn Burner
Ballad of a Dead Pixel
The Lost Beach Towel
Ambient Piano No 1

AI Filmmaking: Key Concepts, Principles and Considerations

Note About the Lecture Modules
Some Brief Observations on AI Filmmaking
Generative AI as a Probabilities Paintbrush
Methods of Montage Analysis
AI-Generated Art & Copyright: General Ideas vs Particular Expressions
Hypnagogia as an Aesthetic for AI-Generated Music Videos
Making Music Videos with AI
120 BPM Music for RunwayML’s 4-Second Video Clip Constraint
AI & Performance Visuals: the Death or Rebirth of the VJ Loop?
From Digital Photography to AI Synthography
Text-to-Video AI-Generated Media

Synopses and Artist Statements

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Very Short Synopses or ‘Nano Statements’
Ambient Piano №1 : case study
Viruses in Voxelville: My Contribution to the Zombie Genre: case study
The Cultural Impact of Alien Revelation: case study

Narrative Theory

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Origins of Narrative
Narrative in Analog & Digital Media
Narrative Continuity vs Poetic Montage
Defining Narrative
Narrative Perception
The Narrative Matrix
The Structure of Narrative Time
Character Types
Narrative Identity
Visual Design of Characters
Conflict in Narrative
The Narrative Arc
Narrative Drive
Storyworld in Literary Theory
POV & Focalization