Guided tutorial on how high schoolers can do research effectively and cheap!

What you will learn

Students will understand ways to be involved in research at an early age.

Learn about competitions/symposiums to showcase your research

Understand how to conduct research and work in professional/lab settings

Learn how to plan your research journey+useful for college!


Research is the hands down best extracurricular to do in high school, guaranteeing you admission in top colleges. However not a lot of people know how to do it. In this course I will break down the THREE main ways in which high schoolers, like you, can do research. I offer both free and paid courses that you can indulge in. I also offer great TIPS AND TRICKS into hacking the research game. After this course I guarantee that you will have a wide range of ideas to do research. Additionally I have a research journal where you guys can submit your papers for FREE. Your papers will be reviewed by professionals from UC Berkeley and Stanford among others! I have done immense research into finding the 3 best ways in which a high schooler can do research and if I had the option to get this FREE course I definitely would’ve benefited from it. I know it seems difficult and confusing, but this course will allow you to get rid of that confusion with carefully curated videos addressing useful topics needed to do research in high school. These methods even work for college and middle school students as well, so everyone can benefit from these educational videos!

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Introduction and research opportunities

Lab/Profesor research
University program research
Independent Research

Conclusion/Final Ideas recommendations

Symposiums and competitions to look into