Secrets to Writing Business Proposals to Get Clients, Double/Tripple Your Success Rate and 10x Your Business!

What you will learn

Acquire the skills needed to write winning proposals

Save yourself time and effort by knowing what to include

Create proposals that are engaging

Learn to quickly build trust with your own proposal

Know what the clients wants

Attract the attention of potential clients

Gain the experience to write to different niches

Increase your business through better engagement


Do you want to gain new clients or generate new business? Have you ever struggled to write a proposal? Whenever you are told to submit a proposal does your heart skip for lack of confidence?

If you say yes to any of the above or similar questions then you are in the right place to learn.

In about 1 hour you will possess all the information you need to model my winning proposal. All that will be left to do is practice. Use the information as often as you can and you will be writing like a professional.


This course has been designed to help you win business

  • It provides you with the right guidelines
  • It is delivered in a no fluff actionable manner
  • You will save time by learning what is very important and what is not

Furthermore, it will help you write proposals that can increase your business


In this course we will cover:

  • The difference between a Business Plan and a Proposal
  • Defining a Proposal
  • Attributes of a Proposal
  • The Genesis of a winning Proposal
  • The 3 Step Outline of a Proposal
  • How to best present your Proposal
  • The example of my Winning Proposal


In the end, you will have all you need to confidently write proposals that will help you get clients.

If you have taken any of my previous courses you know that I present in a No Fluff Actionable manner. The duration of the course is deliberate. I have given you all that you need.

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The Beginning!

Proposal Course Intro

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Business Plan

Proposal – A Business Plan

What Is A Proposal

How to Write Proposal

How to write the proposal #1

3 Step Outline

3 Step Section

Intro to Outline

Part 1. Outline the Current Position

Current Position

Part 2. Outline the Current Problem

Outline #2

Part 3. Outline the Way Forward

Outline #3

Polish Your Presentation

Proposal Section Info #1


Final Section

Read PDF in Windows

An Example of A Proposal

Proposal Writing Conclusions