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Crack International Grants: Secure Big Funding for Your NGO
Master Concept Pages, Dual Registration, Match Funding, and Align with Sustainable Development Goals to Skyrocket Succes

What you will learn

Utilize real-world examples to dissect the strategies and approaches that led to successful grant funding.

Learners will apply best practices in creating a compelling and effective concept page that resonates with potential donors.

Students will be able to design a dual charitable organization model to optimize funding opportunities and meet legal compliance.

Learners will create an ideal structure for a trustee board, specifying roles and responsibilities.

Learners will be able to align Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to their projects for better funding opportunities.

Students will apply the principles of targeting to focus their funding applications, thereby saving time and increasing the chances of success.

Learners will assemble various types of evidence, including past successes and partnerships, to demonstrate commitment to potential donors.

Utilize the concept of match funding to leverage additional resources and support for projects


Struggling to secure substantial international grants for your NGO? Look no further. ‘Crack International Grants: Secure Big Funding for Your NGO’ is your ultimate guide to mastering the complex landscape of international grant funding.

Our course focuses on four pillars that are crucial for skyrocketing your success:

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  1. Crafting compelling Concept Pages that grab attention.
  2. Navigating the intricacies of Dual Registration to ensure governance and compliance.
  3. Leveraging Match Funding strategies to demonstrate commitment and maximize impact.
  4. Aligning your NGO’s projects with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to resonate with global agendas.

Why is this course a must-have? We go beyond generic tips and provide you with an actionable roadmap tailored for real-world applications. Through case studies, examples, and in-depth explanations, you’ll learn how to make your NGO irresistibly attractive to international donors. We cover how to enhance your accountability mechanisms, increase your funding pool, and ultimately, how to deliver a meaningful, lasting impact.

By the end of this course, you’ll not only understand the maze of international grant funding but also possess the practical skills to navigate it effectively. Whether you’re an NGO executive, a fundraising coordinator, or simply someone who’s passionate about making a global impact, this course is your comprehensive blueprint for fundraising success.



Introduction to International Funding

Real-World Success Story: Securing $40,000 for a Small Charity & Course PDF
Craft a Winning Concept Page: Tips and Strategies
Walkthrough: An Example of a High-Quality Concept Page

Navigating Dual Registration for Optimal Governance

Dual Organization Explained: Part 1 – The ‘Why
Dual Organization Explained: Part 1 – The ‘Why – More Reasons
Assembling a Robust Trustee Board for Success

Strategically Aligning Your Projects with Global Goals and Needs

Aligning Your Mission with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
The Precision Approach: Why Being Targeted Matters
The Leverage Game: Mastering the Art of Match Funding

Build Credibility and Show Commitment to Win Donor Trust

Winning Trust: How to Demonstrate Commitment
Diversifying Your Funding Sources for Long-Term Success

Advanced Strategies for Grant Success

Turning Grant Rejection into Future Success
Meeting Essential Eligibility Criteria for International Grants
Crafting a Winning Grant Proposal: From Guidelines to Financials


Funding List and Reading List
Course Content in French, Spanish & English