Explore How to Reduce or Eliminate Your Prescriptions

What you will learn

Do a personal inventory of all the medications and prescription drugs you are taking to establish a baseline of where you are right now.

Understand why you are taking each medication and why your doctor has prescribed them.

Learn why you may want to eliminate some of your medications and how to have a confident conversation with your doctor about doing this.

Learn to be more aware of the possible side effects of your medications and whether they might be making you feel unwell or less than optimal health wise.


Your goal with HEARThrive is to reduce or eliminate the need to take any prescription drugs (with consultation with your doctor, of course). Drugs are designed to reduce symptoms of disease. They do not get to the root of the problem of why you are not feeling well. In fact, they often create a new subset of symptoms that make you feel worse. You may be told to take additional drugs to minimize those new symptoms. It becomes a vicious cycle. Often, people with heart disease take aspirin to thin the blood, beta blockers to slow down the heart rate, blood pressure drugs to combat hypertension, and statins to reduce cholesterol. We already covered statins in Module 3 of HEARThrive. Go ahead and check out that module if you are concerned about taking a cholesterol lowering statin drug. Aspirin seems like something safe but it is a drug and carries a risk of bleeding that in rare cases can be life-threatening. You’ll hear about my nephew’s story where he almost died from taking aspirin. Relaxing your heart with a beta blocker sounds sensible, but it might make you feel lazy and less inclined to exercise. That’s counter-productive. If you have high blood pressure, taking a medication could help lower it, but do you really need to take that drug for the rest of your life? Maybe not, especially if you adopt the many strategies in HEARThrive that can help you lower your blood pressure naturally. In Module 7 of HEARThrive you will learn think critically about the drugs you are taking and whether they are truly necessary.

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Drug Precaution – Ha Ha!
Health is a Skill, Not a Pill

NOKAFS (No One Knows Anything For Sure)

Beliefs are Like Snowflakes
Controversy is Welcome

Stories From the Heart

My Nephew’s Close Call
What If It’s a Heart Attack?

Step-By-Step What To Do

Get Inspired by Looking at YouTube
What’s In My Medicine Chest?
Evaluate Your Prescriptions

Transcendence – Yes You Can Do It!

Drug Transformation
Taking Control from Your Doctor