Getting Started with the Venom Blockchain

What you will learn

Introduction to the Venom Blockchain

Understanding how Venom accelerates Web 3.0

Expand your knowledge and understanding of the Venom Blockchain

Gain knowledge and prepare by engaging in quests and activities about Venom

Getting an overview of Venom’s Architecture

Comparing Venom to EVM blockchains

Understanding the Venom Consens Model


Venom is a multi-blockchain network that functions as the basis for scalable Web3 applications in the DeFi and Global Payments markets. The Venom blockchain offers many benefits, making it an attractive choice for users and developers. It is a safe place for everyone to build their blockchain-based solutions and conduct transactions securely and efficiently.

The Venom blockchain is a community-driven network that empowers participants to shape the ecosystem’s future. The network’s success depends on the engagement and contributions of its users, validators, and developers. Members work together to advance the ecosystem by hosting events, contributing to network development, and ensuring the platform’s security and governance.

This course is designed as an entry point into the Venom universe. Students will get to know the technology behind the scalability of the Venom blockchain and will be given resources that enable them to get started on the Venom blockchain.

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The course will introduce students to Venom, provide an overview of the network architecture of Venom, its consensus model, and walk students through the first steps of interacting with the Venom blockchain.

Course outline

  • What is Venom?
  • Venom Blockchain Architecture
  • Consensus Mechanism of the Venom Blockchain
  • Creating a Venom Wallet
  • First steps with Venom

The course will also take a look at $VENOM, the native currency of the Venom network.




Welcome to this Course on the Venom Blockchain

Getting Started with Venom

What is the Venom Blockchain?
Venom Use Cases
Key Features of Venom
Venom Token ($VENOM) and its Uses

Comparison of Venom with EVM-Based Blockchains

How Venom Differs from Other Blockchains
Network Architecture
Communication Between Smart Contracts
Gas Model & Fees
Smart Contract Languages

Venom Blockchain Architecture

Venom Masterchain
Venom Workchains
Venom Shardchain​
Further Reading

Venom Consensus Mechanism

Consensus Protocol
Venom’s Proof-of-Stake Consensus
Delegated Staking Pools​
Validator Sets​
Consensus Components​
Further Reading

Creating a Venom Wallet

Step-by-step Guide for Creating a Venom Wallet
Creating a Backup File of your Wallet
Restoring Your Wallet

First Steps in the Venom Ecosystem

Getting Testnet $VENOM Tokens
Sending $VENOM Tokens
Receiving $VENOM Tokens
Checking Transaction Status
Bridging $VENOM Tokens