A free brief course for beginners about the properties of technical surfaces with explanations and hand-on exercices

What you will learn

A brief overview of everything important when it comes to describing technical surfaces

Measuring Roughness (Ra and Rz parameters)

Waviness of Surfaces

Form and Structure of Surfaces (and possible deviation from the desired ones)

Describing Textures of Surfaces

Tolerancing Surfaces correctly

Usage of Indicators regarding technical surfaces in technical drwaings

Introduction to some production processes


Dear Student,

hello and a very warm welcome to this free Mini-Course about technical surfaces! Together we will take an overviewing look at everything that is important when it comes to surfaces, like their roughness, waviness, texture and how to conduct the tolerancing for this.


  • roughness of surfaces (and calculating the roughness parameters Ra and Rz)
  • waviness of profils
  • form and texture of surfaces
  • Tolerances of surfaces
  • Indicators for surfaces (so that you can read and write technical drawings)
  • introduction to some production processes

Course structure

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For each topic, first there is a video lesson to provide you with all the theoretical input you need. Right after there will be an hands-on exercice video to give you the opportunity to train what you have just learnt! For the exercices there is some additional exercice material that you can download. All the slides from the video are also given to you as extra material.


This course is held by Sarah. She is studying mechanical engineering and English at RWTH Aachen, one of the best universities in Germany. Thus, she is definitely the right person for the job and she is exicted to tell you a lot about technical surfaces!



Introduction to Tolerancing Surfaces

Welcome to this Mini-Course
Find your exercice material here!

Surface Texture (Roughness, Waviness and Form)

Surface Texture – Video Lesson
Surface Texture – Video Exercise

Surface Texture Indicators

Surface Texture Indicators – Video Lesson
Surface Texture Indicator – Video Exercise