Discover the path to profound wisdom and compassion

What you will learn

Understand the life of the Buddha

Discover the core teachings of Buddhism

Explore how to practise Buddhism in our daily lives

Learn key meditation techniques

Examine the ultimate goal of Buddhist practice


Join us on a transformative journey as we delve into the profound teachings and practices of Buddhism. This short online course offered by Study Buddhism provides a comprehensive introduction to Buddhism, encompassing key aspects such as the life of the Buddha, the essence of the Buddhist teachings known as the Four Hallmarks of the Dharma, the goal of Buddhism, and the various facets of Buddhist practice.

In the first module, we will unravel the inspiring life story of the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, and gain a deep understanding of the historical context in which Buddhism emerged. Discover the pivotal events that shaped the Buddha’s spiritual journey and explore the significance of his awakening, which laid the foundation for the teachings that continue to guide millions today.

Moving forward, the course will explore the fundamental principles of Buddhism. We will discover the core tenets and philosophical underpinnings that distinguish Buddhism from other spiritual traditions. Emphasis will be placed on the Four Hallmarks of the Dharma, and we will delve into the profound insights offered by these hallmarks and their implications for our understanding of reality and our approach to life.

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The course will then delve into the goal of Buddhism: the attainment of enlightenment. We will explore the concept of enlightenment, its significance in Buddhist practice, and the path towards its realization. Gain a deeper understanding of the transformative journey that leads to liberation from suffering and the development of wisdom, compassion, and inner peace.

Finally, we will explore the multifaceted nature of Buddhist practice. From meditation techniques that develop mindfulness and concentration to the cultivation of positive qualities and the development of wisdom, we will delve into the practical aspects of integrating Buddhism into our daily lives. Gain practical tools and guidance for applying Buddhist principles to foster personal growth, enhance well-being, and nurture harmonious relationships with oneself and others.

Whether you are new to Buddhism or seeking to deepen your understanding, this online course offers a comprehensive exploration of the life, teachings, and practice of Buddhism. Immerse yourself in this transformative journey and discover the profound wisdom and practical insights that Buddhism has to offer for leading a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Enroll now and embark on a path of self-discovery and personal transformation.



What is Buddhism?

What is Buddhism?
The Life of the Buddha
Who is the Buddha?
The Fundamentals of Buddhism
What is Buddhism: Check Your Understanding

What Makes Buddhism Unique?

The Four Hallmarks of the Dharma
The Four Hallmarks
Appreciating Impermanence
Meditation on Impermanence
Is Buddhism Unique?
What Makes Buddhism Unique: Check Your Understanding

The Goal of Buddhism

The Goal of Buddhism
What is Enlightenment?
Enlightenment: First Steps
The Goal of Buddhism: Check Your Understanding

What is Buddhist Practice?

What is Buddhist Practice?
The Essence of Dharma Practice
What is Dharma Practice?
Meditation on Broadening Love
Beginning Buddhist Meditation
What is Buddhist Practice: Check Your Understanding


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