Learn fundamentals about Safex Market and dive into the e-commerce and cryptocurrency world

What you will learn

Learn how to download and install the Safex Market Wallet.

Find out how to buy a product on Safex Market.

Learn how to Recover your Wallet from seeds and keys.

Complete Staking Safex Tokens for receiving a passive income.

Learn about mining Safex Cash.


Welcome to the Safex Market Fundamentals course. The Safex Market Wallet is a portal to the e-commerce world merged with cryptocurrency payments.

This course teaches you how to get started using the Safex Wallet and Safex Market. We will explain how to:

  • Install and set up your Safex Wallet.
  • Buy a product on Safex Market using Safex Cash.
  • Recover your Safex Wallet from keys.
  • Recover your Safex Wallet from mnemonic seeds.
  • Stake Safex Tokens and receive a passive income.
  • In addition, we share a bonus guide on how to mine Safex Cash.

Downloading and setting up the Wallet is effortless, but will give you insights into the Safex software and the ease with which you can become a buyer on a decentralized marketplace. The Safex Market team is working on the option for everyone to become a merchant on Safex Market, but we’ll teach you more about that in a future course.

We’ll also show you how you can stake Safex Tokens to receive a passive income. That means that you will be receiving revenue from every sale on the Safex Blockchain Marketplace, regardless of if you buy or sell anything personally.

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By mining Safex Cash, you are supporting the blockchain and earning coins, which you can later use on Safex Market to buy products.

*Keep in mind that some of the products visible in our lessons are unavailable for purchase via Safex Market Wallet right now since the offer is expected to change.

Let’s start with this Safex Market Fundamentals course!





Download, Set up, Learn how to recover the Wallet and Stake Safex Tokens

Download, Set up and Store your keys
Buy a Product on Safex Market
Recover Safex Wallet Using Keys
Recover the Wallet Using Seed Phrase
Stake Safex Tokens and earn passive income

Mining Safex Cash

Mining Safex Cash via One-Click miner
How to build Safex Cash mining rig