Equation Mastery Accelerator: Empowering Your Journey from the Basics to Brilliance!

What you will learn

Master basic equation solving like a pro, boosting your confidence and acing those exams!

Say farewell to Math anxiety as you embrace a clear understanding of equations.

Build a solid foundation in Math fundamentals, empowering you to excel in advanced courses.

Discover your creativity by crafting your very own Math exercises to reinforce your learning.

By the end of this course you be able to solve equations using Addition and Subtraction (Multiplication and Division will be addressed in the next course).


As an experienced math and physics teacher with over 20 years of dedicated instruction, I have had the privilege of shaping the educational journeys of countless students. Through my expertise and passion, I have assisted thousands of learners in successfully passing exams spanning from 1st to 12th grade, as well as university-level courses.

Teaching is not just a profession for me; it is a profound calling. I derive immense joy from witnessing the “aha” moments when students grasp complex mathematical concepts and find clarity in their understanding. My goal is to demystify math and foster a deep appreciation for its elegance and practicality.

In this course, I aim to share my wealth of knowledge and pedagogical experience to help you conquer equations with confidence. We will begin by building a solid foundation, covering the fundamental principles and operations necessary for equation-solving. Through clear explanations and guided examples, you will develop a robust skill set in solving one-step, two-step, and multi-step equations.

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But this course is not just about solving equations mechanically; it’s about nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. You will tackle challenging word problems, honing your analytical skills and applying equations in real-life scenarios. Moreover, I will empower you to unleash your creativity by providing the tools and guidance to create your own math exercises, solidifying your understanding through active engagement.

Join me on this transformative mathematical journey, where equations cease to be a source of anxiety and transform into a source of empowerment. Let’s embark together on the path to equation brilliance and pave the way for your mathematical success. Enroll now and experience the joy of understanding math like never before!






What is an Equation
What is a Variable
two EQUAL sides
Adding a number to an Equation
Subtracting a number from an Equation

Solving Equations

“Solving an Equation” – what does it mean?
How to solve an Equation
Solving Equations – 1st example
Solving Equations – 2nd example
4 examples

X on the right side – what do we do?

X on the right side (part 1)
X on the right side (part 2)
2 examples


Example with minus (part 1)
Example with minus (part 2)
Example with minus (part 3)
Example with minus (part 4)
2 examples with minus

Minus X – what do we do?

Example with -X
Another example with -X
2 examples with -X

X on both sides – what do we do?

X on both sides
What is 2X?
X’s on both sides
4 examples


Extra subject – Multiplication

Thanks and see you in the next course!

Thanks and see you in the next course!