The art and science of clearing your energy to tap into your inner guidance and manifest your true path.

What you will learn

How to raise their vibration.

How to clean and clear their energy.

How to find their true life path.

How to tap into intuition.

Why take this course?

A life aligned to purpose is the most fulfilling, rewarding life imaginable. In this course, I seek to teach you how to heal your wounds, imbalances, and negative thinking centered stories to align with your individual purpose.Β We accomplish this by aligning with your own unique, internal instincts. You may have read in the profiles and biographies of others whom you admire, that they followed their “inner voice” and walked a unique path to their own greatness. I want to help you find that everyone has these instincts – not just those who achieve the impossible.

We tap into those instincts through deprogramming self-perceptions that contribute to low self-esteem, fear, and self-sabotage and do away with internalized value systems that convince you that external people, outdated systems, and social norms should dictate who and what you become. You may find that much of what you assign value to and aspire to be/have/and do is rooted in seeking external approval, rather than seeking personal joy, inner peace, and fulfillment.

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The Raise Your Vibration course curriculum centers aroundΒ The Polaris Method, my multi step process of introspection and personal awareness followed by daily lifestyle tweaks that will keep you mindfully raising your vibration and getting in touch with your inner north star. By following this process and the guided meditations, you’ll tap into your intuition and begin receiving more divinely guided steps on the path that only YOU can go down.

Your purpose in this life is unique, needed, valued, and necessary – you are a small ripple that influences so many and creates to much good in this world!