Build a Spring Boot Web Application

What you will learn

Learn How to Create A Spring Boot Web Application

Create a new Spring Boot Project

Store and Retrieve Data with Spring Data JPA

Use Thymeleaf to Display Data from a Database to a Web Page

Why take this course?

This course a free introduction to Spring Boot 2 and Spring Framework 5.

Inside the course you will learn how easy it is to build a web application using Spring Boot 2.

You will learn how to create the initial Spring Boot project using the Spring Initializer.

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Next is creating JPAย Entities for persistence to a database using Hibernate.

Spring Boot will auto configure an in-memory H2 database, and you will see how to use Spring Boot with Spring Data JPAย to initialize data into the database.

Finally, you are shown how to display data from the database on a web page with Spring MVC and Thymeleaf templates.

If you are new to Spring Boot, this is the perfect course to get you started!