Logos Mobile Ed: NT313 videos

What you will learn

Ancient views about the historical Jesus

Roman authors who referred to Jesus

How Josephus referred to Christ in his writings

Places where Jesus’ name was invoked in charms or incantations

How the early non-Christian sources relate to the portrayal of Jesus in the Gospels

How early witnesses and testimony shed light on the origins of Christianity

History of Jesus

Jesus of the Bible

Why take this course?

Evans’ study of the historical Jesus has led him to seek all kinds of ancient sources related to Christ. This course is a result of that study, focusing on the evidence from extrabiblical sources and seeing what they reveal about the life of Christ. Examine works by Roman and Jewish writers, and even invocations of Jesus’ name in pagan incantations, and discover what these works can tell us about Christ’s place in history.

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This Udemy version of the course contains the videos and quizzes from the Logos Mobile Ed version (published by Faithlife through an authorized representative.)