How to create stories that capture readers and develop your skills as a writer

What you will learn

Write in a way that will feel more honest and natural to readers.

Avoid common mistakes.

Build strong writing habits

Learn how to develop a voice.

Why take this course?

Have you ever read a book that just fell flat? Especially one that was recommended to you by someone you respect, and you just couldn’t get into it?

Short stories are often held to a higher standard, and, more often than not, looked down on by non-writers.

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Why are short stories so important? For writers, it’s because writing a short story is how we practice. It’s how we test ourselves and push our imaginations to the very limit. Novels are great for some things, but it’s easy to let your characters fall into worn-out roles. In short stories, your characters are constantly tested due to word limitation and it’s some of the best practice in the world. Not to mention, if you think that writing a story in 100,000 words is hard, try to put that same story in 1,000!

In this course, I will not only cover some of the basics of writing (including common pitfalls) but I will also break down a short story into its parts and explain them. At the end of this course, you will have a firm grasp of a short story and how to write one.

Thanks for checking out the course!