Think Like Professionals – Market Psychology – New Patterns and Setups

What you will learn

defining the day type ( Trend – Range bound )

execute trades with confidence

trader psychology and market psychology

you will know when and where to enter the trade

reading price action like a pro using one indicator ( moving average 20)

New patterns to rely on in day trading ( Failures – strength – pullback )

Why take this course?

You will understand how the opposite trader think so that you can make a better decisions.

You will be able to make 20 – 50 pips per day using 5 minute chart and one market only.

You have to forget the old trading books and styles so that you can build a strong and new foundation and concept of how to trade theseΒ markets because the old style doesn’t work anymore nowadays.

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You will learn how to use one indicator only (moving average 20 ) which will help you to buy and sell into the opposite trader’s stop loss.

the big money comes from the indecision periods so i will teach you how to identify these chubby markets (range market ) and find an amazing opportunities.

you don’t need to have dozens of indicators and currencies in front of you, you will learn that the less is more.