The Effective route to improve your English speaking and writing practice

What you will learn

Gain knowledge on tools that help maintain a consistent learning practise

Be aware of the database to access literary texts from

Able to identify what leads to different speech patterns and speak better consequently

Brief knowledge on the historical context of the English language

Write precise content catering to different platforms – Blogs, research papers


This course is designed to give the learner, a foundation to GROW their English journey.

This course is ideal for anyone who has been yearning to begin their English speaking journey. In a world that places so much of importance on the English speaking ability of a person, this course will impart hope, education and a knowledge of the tools to acquire a stronghold on English.

Let’s introspect for a moment and ask ourselves a few questions:

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  1. Have you been wondering how some people can speak English so fluently?
  2. How they get praise for their linguistic prowess, both from the teacher and the boss?
  3. Have you ever dreamt of standing on a stage and winning a public speaking debate?
  4. Ever dreamt of writing a perfect piece of content?

The questions might have been same or different, but the answer will always been the same.

I, your instructor, have a few degrees under my belt. I have a Bachelor’s, Master’s and a Master of Philosophy degree in English.  Also, I have relevant experience as an Assistant Professor and an English teacher, at the collegiate and school levels. I have cleared the National Eligibility test along with JRF (Junior Research fellowship).

Now that you know me better, shall we kickstart a journey of becoming a better version of ourselves?



Welcome to the course

Welcome All!


Self introduction and initiation into the language
Reflection exercise
Course Order
Reflection Exercise 2
Reflection Exercise 3

Body of the text

The essential Don’ts to keep in mind
Reflection exercise 4
Reflection exercise 5
Do’s – The right things in assisting one’s own journey
Reflection exercise 6
Reflection exercise 7
Reflection exercise 8
Reflection exercise 9
Written communication – Formats
Basics of writing a research paper
Reflection exercise 10
Reflection exercise 11