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SELENIUM 4 WebDriver Java – Learn Selenium Java WebDriver with Indepth Testing Framework implementation on Live Projects

What you will learn

You should be able to Master the Automation Testing Framework designing.

You should be able to justify 3-5+ years of experience in Selenium and framework designing.

You should be able to crack Automation Testing interviews easily

Complete Knowledge to Automation you Existing Project or Design Net new Selenium Famework


The Only course to cover Multiple Live projects on different frameworks designed from scratch


The course is specially designed at the architect level which will cover all major framework designing concepts with implementation of majorly use Utilities.

As in most of the Selenium and Appium interviews, majorly questions are asked from frameworks themselves, this course specifically focuses on end-to-end framework designing on Live projects using all major techniques and live projects. After the course, you should be capable enough to show 2-5+ years of your current experience in Selenium and can hit the market accordingly

**********COURSE HIGHLIGHTS**************************

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Projects built with in-depth implementation of the following topics

  • Excel Reader
  • Logs
  • Mails
  • Zip
  • Listeners – Soft assertions, Test Failure
  • Jenkins
  • Maven
  • ReportNG
  • ExtentReports
  • Database
  • Properties
  • Runmodes
  • TestNG
  • ScreenshotUtils
  • Parallel Execution
  • Docker
  • Java Generics
  • MultiThreading
  • Page Object and Page Factory

Multiple Live Projects with Different Frameworks implemented on:

  1. Data Driven Framework
  2. Java Collection Framework inΒ Selenium
  3. Data-Driven extended with Grid Implementation
  4. Page Object Model
  5. Page Object Model with Page Factory
  6. Cucumber BDD Framework Designing
  7. Page Object Model and Page Factory extended with Java Generics and MultiThreading (Parallel Execution)
  8. Hybrid (Keyword + DataDriven) Framework
  9. End to End Data + Keyword Driven Framework (Live Batch recordings)
  10. End to End Page Object Model with Page Factories (Live Batch recordings)
  11. Live Examples and Assignments

Not just the video lectures you will see the entire coding part done step by step and the lectures are explained in a very detailed and practical approach is taken in every example by the trainer.

Happy Learning!!!




Selenium Course Introduction
Start with Selenium Course

Environment SetUp

SetUp Java on Mac Machine
Download & Install Eclipse on MAC
SetUp Java & Eclipse on Windows Machine

Java for Beginners

Should I need To Learn From Java Sections
Create First Java Project
Java Lectures GIT Code Location
Write First Java Code File & Execute
Prove, Java is Platform Independent Language
Variable & Java DataTypes in Java
Conditional Statements in JAVA
Loops in JAVA
Java OOPs Concepts
Constructor in Java
Static & this Keyword in Java

Object Oriented Programming

Java Inheritance
Method Overloading in Java : Polymorphism
Method Overriding in Java : Polymorphism
Super Keyword in Java
Final Keyword in Java
Abstract Class in Java
Interface in Java
Encapsulation in Java

Array in Java

Array in Java

String in Java

Concepts on String in Java
String Comparison and Concatenation
String Buffer Class
String Builder Class
String Class Methods Part – I
String Class Methods Part – II
String Class Methods Part – III
String Class Methods Part – IV

Exception Handling in Java

Java Try-Catch Block
Multi Catch and Nested Try Block
Finally Block in Java

Java Collection Framework

What is Collection Framework
GIT Code Location
Iterator in Collection – Enumeration
ListIterator in Collection
List Interface in Java
LinkedList in Collection
ArrayList in Collection
Set in Java
HashSet in Java
LinkedHashSet in Java
TreeSet in Java
Map in Java
HashMap in Java
LinkedHashMap in Java

Utilities : Implementation of Framework Support Utils

Read/Write Properties File in Java
Write Excel File in Java: Apache POI
Read Excel File in Java : Apache POI

Project Build Tool : MAVEN

Maven Introduction
Configure Maven on Windows Machine
Configure Maven on Windows Machine : Text Direction
Project Code Location
Configure Maven on Mac Machine
Generate First Maven Project From Maven CLI
Maven Build Life Cycle
POM.xml File in Maven Project

TestNG Framework : Test Management

TestNG Introduction
Install TestNG on Eclipse
Project Code Location | Download Code
TestNG Annotations Introduction
Why Testng.Xml File
Execution Order of TestNG Annotations
Skipping Tests in TestNG
Prioritise Tests in TestNG
Assertion in TestNG : Verification & Validation
TestCase Grouping in TestNG
Set TestCase Dependency in TestNG
Test Parameterisation Using testng.xml File
DataProvider : Test Parameterization
Listeners in TestNG
Run Multiple TestNG Suites
Reporting in TestNG

Selenium WebDriver Basics : Start With Selenium

What is Selenium WebDriver
Download And Configure Selenium
Implement First Selenium Script and Execute
Selenium Project Code Location
Execute Selenium with Different Browsers
Difference in Close & Quit
Invoke Browser Dynamically
Import JavaDoc in Selenium Project
Options Class in Selenium : FireFoxOptions & ChromeOptions()
Architecture of Selenium WebDriver

Concepts of WebElement in Selenium

WebElement in Selenium
Locators in Selenium
Find Element in Selenium
Find Elements in Selenium
Create XPath for WebElement
Create Customised XPaths
Create CSS Selector in Selenium

Become Genius in XPath : Create Dynamic XPaths

Create Customised XPath Part-1
Create Custom XPath Part 2
Create Custom XPath Part 3
Create Custom XPath Part 4

Become Pro In CSS Selector

Generate Custom CSS Selector in Selenium

Waits in Selenium WebDriver

Waits in Selenium
TimeOuts in Selenium
Implicitly Wait in Selenium
Explicit Wait in Selenium | Handle Ajax Calls in Selenium

Master in Selenium WebDriver Part 1

Find Text on WebPage
Find Broken Link on WebPage
Handle Frames in Selenium
Check Visibility of Web-Element on Web-Page
Extract Elements form Specific Part of WebPage

Master in Selenium WebDriver Part 2

Manage Drop Down in Selenium
Handle Browser Windows/Tabs in Selenium
Handle Alerts in Selenium
KeyBoard & Mouse Event : Mouse Hover in Selenium
KeyBoard & Mouse Event : Drag-Drop in Selenium

Master in Selenium WebDriver Part 3

Handle WebTable Part I
Handle WebTable Part II
Handle AJAX Auto Suggestions
JavaScript Executor in Selenium
Download File in Selenium

Professional Selenium Script Preparation: Real Life Projects Live Automation

Live Project Automation Test 1
Project Code Location
Live Project Automation Test 2
Live Project Automation Test 3
Live Project Automation Test 4 | Date Picker
Live Project Automation Test 5
Live Project Automation Test 6
Live Project Automation Test 7

Selenium : DataDriven Framework Implement From Scratch

Data Driven Framework Part 1 : Introduction
Data Driven Framework Code Location
Data Driven Framework Part 2 : Project Structure
Data Driven Framework Part 3 : Object Repository
Data Driven Framework Part 4 : Centralise Web Element Creation
Data Driven Framework Part 5 : Generate HTML Reports
Data Driven Framework Part 6 : Logging and Failure attachments in HTML Report
Data Driven Framework Part 7 : Centralize HTML Report Logging
Data Driven Framework Part 8 : Reading Excel File
Data Driven Framework Part 9 : Test Data Management & Data Reader
Data Driven Framework Part 10 : Data Provider in Framework
Data Driven Framework Part 11 : Execute Test With DataProvider
Data Driven Framework Part 12 : Execute Live Project with Framework Code

Selenium Framework with Page Object Model (POM)

Page Object Model Part 1 : What is POM
POM Framework Code Location
Page Object Model Part 2 : Structure of POM Framework and Workflow
Page Object Model Part 3 : Challenges with POM
Page Object Model Part 4 : Challenges with POM
Page Object Model Part 5 : Challenges with POM
Page Object Model Part 6 : Implement Extent Report in POM
Page Object Model Part 7 : Implement Extent Report in POM
Page Object Model Part 8 : Data Driven In POM
Page Object Model Part 9 : Automate Live Project
Page Object Model Part 10 : Automate Live Project
Page Object Model Part 11 : Automate Live Project
To Be Continue….

Generate HTML Reporting in Selenium

Generate Extent Report in Selenium | HTML Reporting in Selenium | Extent 3
Capture ScreenShot in Extent Report || Capture Screenshot in Selenium

Continuous Integration in Selenium || Jenkins + GIT

What is Continuous Integration || Need of CI

Selenium Tips & Tricks

Justify!! Selenium Webdriver is Interface not a Class
Test Retry Mechanism in Selenium
Chrome Options for running WebDriver Tests
Execute Selenium Tests on Microsoft Edge

**Cucumber BDD Framework** in Selenium

Introduction to Cucumber Framework
Cucumber Framework Code: Git Location
Cucumber Component Terminology
Configure Cucumber in Eclipse
Implement Feature File in Cucumber
Execute Test in Cucumber Framework
Script Test Definition
Create Report in Cucumber
Cucumber Options *Test Runner*
dryRun & Monochrome in Cucumber
Format & Strict Cucumber Option

**Cucumber Framework** Data Driven Concept – Part II

Data Driven Test with Feature File
Data Driven Test with Examples Annotation
Data Driven Test with Complex Data Set
Data Driven Test with Data Table
Data Driven Test with Multi DataTable

Cucumber Framework : Tags, Hooks – Part III

Tags in Cucumber BDD Framework
Hooks in Cucumber

Cucumber Framework : Page Object Model – Part III

Cucumber POM Architecture
Cucumber Framework : POM – Design Base Class
Cucumber Framework : POM – Design Page Objects
Cucumber POM: Design Feature File
Cucumber Framework : POM – Design Steps & Execution

Automation Testing Interview Questions & Coding Problems

Facts About Null Value in Java
Does JVM create object of Main class
How to count number of words in File in Java
Can We Override Static Method in Java
Reverse String Program in Java
Most Optimized Searching in Sorted Array

Selenium Grid | Parallel Test Execution

Selenium Grid Introduction
Install Selenium Grid
Selenium Hub: Understanding and Creation
Selenium Node : Understanding & Creation
Manage Browsers on Selenium Node
Manage Instances on Selenium Node
Integrate Browser Driver with Selenium Grid
Associate Drivers with Browsers in Selenium Grid Commands
Execute First Test using Selenium Grid

Thank You!! Good Luck !!!

How to Install AutoIt in Windows
Selenium WebDriver Quiz 1
Selenium Quiz 2
Selenium Quiz 3
Top 15 UI Test Automation Best Practices You Should Follow
Execute Test Case on Each Browser using Selenium Grid
Start Selenium Hub Automatically : Using Batch FIle
Start Selenium Node Automatically : Using Batch FIle
Selenium Grid Resources

Java Interview Coding Exercise

Does JVM create object of Main class?
Find Smallest and Largest number in N numbers without using Array
Is main method compulsory in Java?
Reverse a Character String using Recursion
Given a sorted array arr[] of n elements, write a function to search a given element x in arr[].
Sort an Array in Wave Form
Find First Two Small Element in Array
Compare Arrays in Java
Concept of Multi-Dimensional Array in Java
Find First Two Small Element in Array
Program Binary Search In Java
Find Element in An Array
Search for Element in Sorted & Rotated Array
Find second largest number in an array
Find the number occurring odd number of times in an array
Find minimum number of platforms required for railway station

Java Collection Interview FAQs

Array to Array-list Conversion
Conversion: ArrayList To Set