Learn the basics of C programming, including variables, pointers and functions!

What you will learn

Define and implement prints and variables in C

Define and apply pointers for variables, arrays, and strings

Create decision and repetition structures

Build custom functions with regular and pointer arguments


The C programming language is one of the foundational languages in Computer Science. As a low-level programming language, C allows you to interface with hardware and operating system calls. The control that C provides makes it ideal for operating system and system level applications. C also makes a great introduction to the world of low-level programming.

Looking for an introduction to C programming? Check out this free course on the fundamentals of programming in C! This course will cover the basic concepts of C programming, including variables, pointers, arrays, and functions! By the end of this course, you will be able to write basic C programs.

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This course will start by teaching you the basic concepts of programming in C. You will learn about basic variables, printing data, and taking inputs. From here, you will learn how to run operations with the variables you create, as well as run logical operators. Next, you will learn how to create control flow using Boolean operators. After this, you will start to use repetition structures like loops to create code that repeats a set number of times. You will finish off learning about some applications of pointers, for concepts like arrays, pass by reference functions, and strings.



Basics of C Programming

Introduction to C Programming
Basic Variables
Basic Pointers and Addresses
Taking inputs with Scanf

Arithmetic and Logical Operations

Arithemtic Operations and Expressions
Booleans and If Statements
Logical Operations and Switches

Loops, Strings, Arrays and Functions

Working with Arrays
Basics of Functions
Using Pointers with Functions
Using Pointers with Arrays
Working with Strings

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