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MTF Institute Executive Program in Operations Management

What you will learn

Operational management

Forms and methods

Tasks of operational management

Forecasting and planning in operational management

Control systems

Operational risk management

Kanban, Poka Yoke, Conveyor system, TPS


Welcome to program: Executive Diploma in Operations Management

You will know about: what is operational management and why is it important; what kind of methods, approaches and systems OM has, what is risk in OM; how to forecast and plan in OM; tasks and types of OM; what are the Kanban, Poka Yoke, Toyota Production System, Lean management, Six sigma, Conveyor system and Economies of scope

After finishing a course you will get: key knowledge about operational and production management, how to manage systems in operational management and how to use it effectively and convenient

Course Plan:

1. About the course, topic and author

2. Operational management and its history, forms and methods of production management

3. Tasks and types of operational management, development of production plan

4. Forecasting and planning

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5. Control and quality systems

6. Operational risk management

7. Methods and approaches

8. Economies of scope

9. Kanban and Poka Yoke

This online course is designed for beginners and for the ones who already have an experience in management, and, of course, for anyone who is interested in management or has their own production business. This course is effective not only for managers, but also for the CEOs, heads, etc.

This course contains basic and academic knowledge, types, methods, principles of operational management. Also, here you can find and get to know important systems and approaches, such as Lean management, Six Sigma, Toyota Production System and other interesting topics. In addition, you will learn different instruments and methods to manage production management.




Onboarding to the Learning Process

Main Part

Introduction to Operation Management
Controlling and Quality
Risk Management
Methods and Approaches
Economy of scope and scale
Tools Examples: Kanban
Tools Examples: Poka Yoke

Interactive Part, Next Steps and Answers to Questions

Interactive Part
Congratulations with finishing from MTF