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FROM Accidental Project Manager TO Excellent Project Manager

What you will learn

Learn the Ten most important things to get success in the Project Management role

Apply the secret tips that experienced Project Managers use to get success in their projects

Get Practical knowledge for Project Management when you have less knowledge about the underlying PM concepts.

Demonstrate high performance in the Project Manager Role

Achieve better success rate in your projects.

Prepare to handle the unpredictabilities around your project


Neha was on cloud nine. She is promoted as Project Manager. She is assigned a project that is critical to the company. She is in a customer-facing role, and the success of this project will decide the fate of a long-term relationship with the customer.

She started working on the project and was confident it would accomplish its objectives.

Two months have passed, and one can see cracks developing in Neha’s calm and composed demeanor.

Her team members seem to be arguing a lot in the team meetings, the customer is sending escalation emails to top management, and Neha’s boss is unhappy about not receiving regular project updates from her.

Have you seen similar scenarios happening in your organization, OR do you see yourself in Neha, OR are you scared to take the PM responsibility for fear of failure?

This course would help you overcome the fears you might face as a first-time Project Manager. It will help you better manage your project, eventually making you successful in your new role.

If you lack formal project management training, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with this new responsibility. Accidental project managers often need a fast-track learning program to give them the confidence to see projects through to successful delivery. They need to grow critical project management competencies and learn how to overcome the biggest challenges on projects.

In this course, I will share ten steps to jumpstart your PM career without worrying too much about the nitty-gritty of PM. These tips will make a big difference in your experience when starting. If you are considering a career in project management, this course provides ten tips for success in your PM career. Whether you are handling your first project as an accidental project manager or wish to achieve higher levels of success in your next project, this course is an ideal match for you.

From my experience, Becoming a PM for the first time is like being left in a jungle, where you have to learn to find your way, hunt for food, train and shield your herd from external dangers, and keep the jungle king happy. Also, on the journey, there are a lot of landmines that you need to avoid as they can blow you and your herd.

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Sounds Familiar!

Don’t worry; each one of us PMs had or will traverse this jungle many times in our career.

My course will give you enough tips to traverse this jungle and build your confidence to emerge as a successful project manager.

I created this course from the webinar delivered earlier in the PMI forum.

Few Review comments on the webinar:

“Great webinar. I learned a lot. Especially about the leadership aspect of PMP and how important it is to foster an environment of collaboration and being able to identify a problem early before it becomes an emergency.”

“Thank you. Very good points shared here. Very helpful!”

“Excellent presentation. The experience shared by Anju of the reasoning behind each of the tips, was really good.”

“Great tips for anyone in project management, not just the newcomers!”




Course Overview
Project Management Support
Course Material – all in one pdf

“Hello World” – Project Managers

What is a Project Manager
What are Accidental Project Managers
How do I succeed in PM role?

Tip1 – Be the Go To Person

Create value & Manage your personal brand.
Challenge – People bypassing you

Tip 2 – Protect the Scope

Assess , Estimate & Communicate the Scope changes
Challenge – Internal Scope changes

Tip 3 – Communicate Regularly

Communicate effectively & efficiently
Challenge – Repeating yourself

Tip 4 – Support your Customers

Focus on Customers
Challenge – Difficult Customers

Tip 5 – Do not Overstep

Trust your team
Challenge – Employees challenge your authority

Tip 6 – Build Rapport

Build team rapport
Challenge – Apathetic high achievers
[ACTIVITY]Biggest project failures

Tip 7 – Recognize team’s work

Keep your team engaged and motivated
Challenge – Lower priority project

Tip 8 – Shield your team

Minimize disruptions for your team
Challenge – Critical resource dependency

Tip 9 – Do proper project closure

Follow the process to close out the project
Challenge-Frequent personnel movements

Tip 10 – Be Proactive

Pay attention to long term goals
Challenge – Firefighting
Finish line to become a Rockstar PM


“Conquer the World” – Project Manager
Naina – The Accidental PM
[ACTIVITY]Delivering Successful Projects in the New Normal

Bonus Section

Bonus Lecture