Truly analyze blockchain projects and make the best cryptocurrency investments

What you will learn

Become a master in Fundamental Analysis and make the best cryptocurrency investments!

Avoid investing in projects without potential or which will destroy your capital

Understand the key aspects of blockchain projects, analyse them as a professional investor

Know exactly what to check before buying, improve a lot your critical thinking

Know when you have to buy, when you have to sell

Learn Financial Psychology applied to crypto (how to behave after buying, often neglected but key!)

Boost your returns while reducing risk massively, fund your retirement !


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We just launched the course this month and wow, thank you for all your feedbacks and support !! As a thank you we will keep this course free for a few more weeks, enjoy 😉

PS: Have you seen crypto prices recently ? Best time to learn Fundamental Analysis to spot top projects and make the best investments! “Be fearful when others are greedy, greedy when others are fearful” !! (W. Bufffet)

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Crypto Investing is the investment opportunity of the decade and you are still early as Banks and most Funds have little possibility to invest in the space due to the absence of regulation (yet).

Today’s crypto projects are tomorrow’s tech leaders. You still have a chance to invest in the next Google, Facebook or Microsoft. If you are just trading and not investing, you will lose this opportunity, as you will be focused on over-analysing charts and taking huge risks for short-term gains. You need to focus on value.

But how can you differentiate the best crypto projects from the worst and secure massive, life-changing gains?

At Yak Blockchain, we are two French Financial Professionals with both traditional investing and Crypto investing experience, far from traditional Crypto Gurus and other youtubers. Our mission is to help people achieving life changing gains thanks to crypto investing by turning them into real investors.

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We will help you learning Fundamental Analysis, the best method to assess the true potential and value of a crypto project.

Regardless of current hype, Fundamental Analysis focuses on value drivers and will help you selecting the best crypto projects to invest your money in.

90% of people lose money when investing. That’s because Investing is all about experience, knowledge and analyses. No magic, no gambling, no feelings.

This course is 50% learning what is key, 50% knowing what to do with this knowledge: our “Investors Key Takeaways” will be your best ally and differentiate us from all the other courses which are often 99% descriptive.

You will also have access to our New Investor checklist, a comprehensive PDF document ready to be downloaded. This user-friendly checklist will guide you step by step in your crypto investment analysis and decision process. All the topics of this course are covered in this checklist.

Learn with us and gain an incredible advantage over most crypto investors. This is only the beginning of your journey.

See you soon in the other side.




Welcome to Fundamental Analysis
A Few Definitions
Decentraland (MANA) example

Tokenomics Summit

Section Introduction
What are Tokenomics?
Tokenomics – Why Should Investors Care?
Demand – Understanding the Nature of Your Crypto
Demand – Why Should Investors Care?
Supply – Evolution of the Scarcity
Supply – Why Should Investors Care?
Token Distribution
Token Distribution – Why should investors Care?

Project Summit

Section Introduction
Whitepapers – Your Best Ally in the Crypto Mountains
Whitepapers – Why Should Investors Care?
Measuring Value Creation Potential
Assessing Partnerships
Partnerships – Why Should Investors Care?
Assessing Roadmaps
Roadmaps – Why Should Investors Care?
A Project is Nothing without its Team

Investor Checklist, time to Buy !!

Your Investor Checklist (View the video and download the PDF)

Buying was only 49% of the Job!

Section Introduction
Know your Investment Tailwind & Headwind
Investment Tailwind
Investment Tailwind – Why Should Investors Care?
Investment Headwind
Investment Headwind – Why Should Investors Care?
Financial Psychology – Most Important Lesson (1/3)
Financial Psychology – Most Important Lesson (2/3)
Financial Psychology – Most Important Lesson (3/3)

Course Conclusion

Recap of your Journey & Final words