Course for Students of Graduation,MBA and Professionals

What you will learn

This course will provide all details of accounting from beginning to expert level and explanation of accounting entries, ledgers,trail balance,profit and loss account and Balance sheets,cash flow statements, notes to the accounts etc


This Course is for the people who are studying in any college,university or  working in any company. if you go through this course i assure you that you will become an accounting expert, you will be able to pass the examination of accounting of all levels whether you are studying in MBA,ACCA or Graduation in Accounting etc and if you are a professional then you will get promoted because of your accounting and finance knowledge.

some times it happens that people working at major position in organisation do not know even basic principles of accounting like debit or credit, they do not know what is account ledger or trial balance of company, so this course is for all those professionals and students.

Please enroll yourself to get enriched in accounting knowledge, believe me it will not only increase your confidence while working but it would also have great effect on business you are managing.

In this course I have described all accounting rules with full explanations of accounting standards prevailing all over the world. I will lead you from beginning to advanced level

You will be learning the follow:

  • Rules for debit and credits
  • Basic to advanced level accounting entries
  • Accounts ledgers
  • Trial Balance of company
  • Balance sheets preparation
  • Profit and loss preparation
  • Disclosures to financial statements

You are requested to please enroll for my course to be successful in your endeavours

Thanks and Regards

Rashid Ahmed

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Introduction to accounting – 1

Introduction to accounting – 2

Introduction to accounting – 3

Explanation of rules for debit and crdit

Explanation of rules for debit and credit

Explanation of accounting entries

Explanation of accounting entries

Explanation of accounting entries

Explanation of accounting entries

Further Explanation

Further Explanation