Get started with Container and Docker, in the right way !!

What you will learn

Understand the core principles of containerization and differentiate containers from virtual machines.

Gain proficiency in Docker basics, including installation, container operations, and image management.

Develop skills to create and optimize custom Docker images using Dockerfiles and share them via DockerHub.

Learn Docker networking essentials and explore real-world container workflows for modern software development.


Docker is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. Docker enables you to separate your applications from your infrastructure so you can deliver software quickly.

In today’s landscape of application development and deployment, containers have emerged as the prevailing choice. Irrespective of roles – Developer, QA, System Administrator, DevOps Engineer, SRE, or even tech manager – a fundamental grasp of containers is essential.

Among various container implementations, Docker stands out as the quintessential solution. Docker has revolutionized the mamanagement of containers and images, making the process remarkably user-friendly.

If you’re new to the world of Containers and Docker, this course provides an ideal starting point. With this course you will first grasp the fundamental principles of containerization and distinguish containers from virtual machines. You will then then gain proficiency in essential Docker concepts, covering installation, container manipulation, and image management. You will also learn to Docker images using Dockerfiles, and share it DockerHub. Towards the end you will also learn Docker’s networking essentials and dive into real-world container workflows, essential for contemporary software development.

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Course Introduction

How The Course Is Structured ?
Meet Your Instructor
Course Overview

Introduction To Containers

What Are Containers?
Why Containers?
VMs vs Containers
What Are Container Runtimes?
Section 2 : Quiz

What Is Docker ?

Docker Platform And Its Alternatives
How does Docker Use Different Container Runtimes ?
Docker Architecture
Docker Engine Installation
Docker Desktop
Section 3 : Quiz

Working With Containers

Basic Container Operations
Section : 4 Quiz

Working With Images

Basic Image Operations
Image Inspection
Creating An Image From A Container
Building Images Using Dockerfiles
Pushing Images To DockerHub
Section : 5 Quiz

Docker Networking

Docker Networking Basics
Exposing Containers For Public Access
Section : 6 Quiz

Containers Workflow In Real World

Containers Workflow In Real World
Section : 7

Final Exam

Final Test