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No more boring tens of hours studying. Just essentials of Linux you need to start working with it.

What you will learn

Operate in Linux terminal just like that.

Overcome the fear of the unknown operation system.

Use popular text editors.

Work with files and folders.


Today we are used to managing our PCs by mouse clicking and nice GUI (graphical user interface). But it’s not the Linux way! Here, the default way to maintain everything is by writing text commands in the Terminal. And after this course, you’ll be proving to others that it is really a handy way.

This course gathered together the most widely used commands to quickly start using Linux. So, forget about long-long boring education. If you value your own time, then here you will find densely concentrated knowledge you really need to get handy with this operating system.

The course is based on Linux Ubuntu, but any other popular distribution that you have will work the same good.

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Here you will find secret tips and tricks to do regular tasks way faster. You will get to know all the needed commands to work with files and folders. You will master working with file viewers and the most popular text editors. And learn to use search really efficiently. If you forgot some command, you need or don’t know which one to use for some specific task, in this course we discuss the ways to find required tools and their manual (the brief and full ones).

Target audience: every person interested in starting using Linux. Not for experienced Linux admins =)

So, go for it!



Get to know the terminal

Terminal tips and tricks
Basic navigation commands
Creating files and folders
Basic file operations
Viewing files

Editing files

Nano. User friendly text file editor
Vim. The default file editor
Vimtutor. The vim educational tool

Searching files

Find command